Hospitality Solutions Group

We are a hospitality focussed group of companies with our own tech and services

With our beginnings in 2003, we are at the leading edge of hospitality services and technology provision in the UK.

Our brands supply exceptional work to a range of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, F&B outlets, and pubs across the UK. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have expanded our client list to over 1200 locations throughout the nation and our team have continued to grow from strength to strength in offering quality services.


With over 120 members of staff based across two UK offices, our team is comprised of chartered accountants, management accountants, accounts assistants, payroll clerks, payroll advisers and partners. Our tech, support and services teams manage over 1200 client locations, using our own technology that our skilled developers build and test in-house.


Our team of accountants and bookkeepers specialise in the hospitality sector to ensure accurate and timely processing of management accounts and financial information. The information we provide expands across all levels of seniority, from bar managers to shareholders. READ MORE


Opsyte, one of our comprising companies, launched its revolutionary analytics tool for restaurants and F&B operations, Insytes in 2023. This online generator uses AI technology to produce a range of comprehensive reports that help to increase sales, benchmark sites, forecast labour costs and stock demand, as well as optimise labour. READ MORE

Bookkeeping and Supplier Payments

Founded in 2023, Solutions 4 Caterers are a leading team of bookkeepers for the hospitality businesses. Our teams help to reduce our clients’ labour efforts by offering a variety of bookkeeping services, including day-to-day administrative hassle, invoice processing, payroll processing, VAT reclaims, board level services, weekly analytics, management accounts and statutory account filing. Last year alone, we processed [x] number of invoices. READ MORE

Consultancy and Development

Finding the right accounting systems can be challenging and are ultimately integral to business operations, therefore, our consultants are here to help you outsource the right department for you. By looking over your accounting process and suggesting more efficient methods of processing, we can help you to streamline your costs and increase bottom line. READ MORE

Financial Guidance

As well as consultancy and development, we guide businesses on their financial direction too. Whether we are guiding a single site or a multi-site client, we understand that consistent growth is imperative to each business. We can help with business planning, financial funding, expansions plans, as well as ongoing business reviews. READ MORE

Data and Analytics

As well as insytes, clients have access to Opsyte’s own reporting engine that ensures dynamic and accurate data for businesses small and large. Our reports range from sales, P&L Flash reports, wages, petty cash summaries, tracking comps, deposits and accounts, as well as tracking staff time and attendance. READ MORE

Reporting and Financial Analysis

It is our belief that the monthly P&L should not only come out accurately and quickly, it should also be subservient to your daily and weekly analytics. Businesses must be able to leverage quick decisions based on accurate financial reporting. READ MORE

HR and Team Management

Our systems are designed to streamline team management by providing an all-in-one online solution. With Opsyte, you can manage every aspect of your team, including rotas, personnel files, contracts and documentation, payroll, and holiday accrual. READ MORE

Payroll and Consultancy

Our team of payroll experts run payslips for tens of thousands of employees each month, and our team of advisors can help avoid common misconceptions and mistakes made around minimum wage and overtime calculations, amongst a ton of other common mistakes. READ MORE


We have a custom built AI driven analytical tool called Insytes that is one of the UK`s leading data analytical tools for the hospitality industry. Our clients use our analytics to help them make key and granuar decisions based off a wealth of data such as labour and EPOS transactions. READ MORE

Invoice Automation

With the help of our in-house developers, we have been able to automate our clients’ invoice processing by developing software that automatically reads and codes them for you. This has helped to significantly reduce our clients’ labour efforts and given them back the time to focus on business-driven decisions. READ MORE

Management Accounting

Management accounting is our forte, and we work with hundreds of UK based hospitality business locations to deliver quick and accurate information. Our team is all UK based and we pride ourselves on being one of the market leaders in our field. READ MORE

Scheduling and T&A

Our automated scheduling solutions serve to streamline our clients’ rotas and scheduling, as well as notifying businesses when their labour costs exceed their forecasted sales. Our reporting engine includes features to help keep track of attendance within each payroll period, and you can choose which clock-in method works best for your business. READ MORE



We own, build and partner with the best tech in hospitality. Our ever growing repertoire of tech, which we are constantly developing, is here to suit the needs of the most demanding F&B operation


We work so hard to provide clients with tech and services, so they can focus on what's important... growing their own teams and portfolios.


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I have been with Matt and his team since he first started. The service is second to none and I couldn't do without them. Their support, guidance, technology and expertise allows me to operate at full pelt and I don't have to worry, knowing the detail is being taken care of.
Terry Barnes