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In 2023, Opsyte launched Insytes, a powerful reporting tool that automates data aggregation for things like sales, labour, weather and events.

Operators use automated reporting to increase sales, benchmark sites and locations, forecast labour and stock demand, optimise labour and reduce time spent by the automation of AI reporting!

We are a team of hospitality experts with some serious backing, and we absolutely LOVE data! We've been in the business since 2003 and pride ourselves in our attention to detail, our passion and our knowledge when it comes to all things hospitality tech and finance.


Reporting Tools

From vibrant graphs showing labour and forecast sales, to detailed and granular reporting based of product sales and product mix, our Insytes product is at the forefront of the hospitality reporting world.

Reporting and analytics should drive the financial strategy of a restaurant, bar or coffee shop. It is through data that we can drive forward, through understanding and learning we can take informed decisions and actions based on facts, rather than 'gut feeling'.
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