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Optimizing profitability is key to long-term success for any business, especially in the fast-paced hospitality industry. Hospitality demands accurate, timely financial reports, which are essential for measuring performance and driving business decisions. Yet managing accounting in-house consumes valuable resources that operators would rather invest back into the guest experience. This is where outsourcing to expert hospitality accountants proves hugely beneficial.

As the provider of leading hospitality services in UK to restaurants, bars, and cafes across the UK, Hospitality Solutions Group has helped hundreds of operators boost profit margins through streamlined back office operations and actionable business intelligence.

Keep reading to discover three key ways the best hospitality accounting services empower food and beverage businesses to prioritize growth.

Day-to-Day Administrative Burden is Lifted

Running a hospitality operation requires juggling countless moving parts each day. The last thing an owner or manager wants filling their schedule is mundane bookkeeping tasks. Through its Solutions 4 Caterers division, Hospitality Solutions Group takes complete control of tasks like supplier payment processing, payroll management, cash reconciliation and statutory reporting.

This outsourced model streamline processes via the group's proprietary tech stack, which includes bookkeeping and invoicing software. 

As leading restaurant bookkeeping services in the industry, S4C handles bookkeeping for multi-site clients - freeing up precious time, energy, and resources for customer experience initiatives instead.

Comprehensive Business Analytics Spur Improvement

Data-driven decision making is key in hospitality yet many operators lack insights due staffing restrictions or technical barriers. The group tackles this challenge through its award-winning cloud-based analytics platform Insytes.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Insytes mines transactional data for actionable trend reports on metrics like sales performance, labour costs, stock levels and more. This helps reveal opportunities to optimize operations. The team also provides weekly flash reports and monthly management accounts leveraging over 100 customized KPIs.

Remain Compliant with Expert Guidance

As business regulations, minimum wages and industry best practices evolve rapidly, single-handedly keeping up remains difficult for owners focused on operations.

Owners gain ongoing support, updates, and reviews across payroll, VAT, due diligence, and other complex compliance areas by partnering with experts. Dedicated advisors simplify annual statutory returns and mitigate future risks of non-compliance through proactive guidance centred around their holistic understanding of the owner's business strategy and concerns.

Expert Guidance Unlocks Further Potential

While finance administration and reporting from Hospitality Solutions Group's foundation, their services don't stop there. Additional experts are on hand for for-profit strategy consultation, new site planning, expansion funding, and performance benchmarking using a database of industry-leading hospitality clients.

For instance, their continuous improvement specialists analyze reporting outputs to pinpoint areas holding back margins. Dedicated advisors then work one-on-one with clients, implementing customized improvement plans. Over time, these value-added services materially boost bottom lines.

    • A Streamlined Example

To illustrate the group's holistic model in action, consider the restaurant group Flat Iron Steak Co. Onboarding S4C and Insytes, which has revolutionized Flat Iron's back office. Now supplier payments flow automatically while flash reporting alerts managers to spike in weekend labour costs versus weekday sales. Armed with these insights, Flat Iron tweaked rosters boosting weekly profits by 4%. They've since expanded confidently with the group's profit blueprints in tow.

Investing in The Best Hospitality Accounting Services & Tech

Beyond accounting services, Hospitality Solutions Group owns cutting-edge point-of-sale integrated platforms, including staff scheduling tool Opsyte and invoicing automation software. Regular upgrades ensure clients constantly benefit from innovations like AI-driven forecasting and hybrid working tools developed by their in-house team of over 100 staff.

Build Resilience with Insights-Driven Risk Management

Unforeseen circumstances will invariably impact every business at some point. Advanced analytics and regular control reviews arm owners to both react to issues proactively as well as leverage mitigation opportunities uncovered.

Comprehensive benchmarking shows outliers, fueling course corrections before risks materialize. Specialized tools from partners like Hospitality Solutions Group or integrating their in-house tech Opsyte with solutions furnish owners insight to steer clear of troubled waters and optimize outcomes across changing macroeconomic backdrops.

While challenges will always persist, outsourcing finances to experts arming owners with actionable intelligence prevents crises and builds resilience for sustainable, long term success.

Concluding Remarks

In today's highly complex operating environments, gaining profitable growth requires laser focus and intelligence-driven agility across every aspect of the business. Outsourcing non-core yet mission-critical areas like accounting to specialists like Hospitality Solutions Group or Solutions 4 Caterers streamlines operations for heightened performance.

Their dedicated team of expert UK-based hospitality finance professionals and integrated tech stack, like Opsyte and Insytes, consolidate oversight, automate mundane tasks, and deliver laser-targeted strategic business insights that put owners firmly in the driver's seat. Partnering with a firm invested in their client's success boosts the bottom line through enhanced efficiencies, risk mitigation, and optimized decision-making.

If you're ready to revolutionize your business with expert guidance, explore Hospitality Solutions Group's comprehensive suite of leading hospitality services in the UK, which includes the tools and specialized tech solutions. Committed relationships with a strategic accounting partner will power you to the next level of growth and profits in 2024 and beyond.

Tuesday 28th May 2024